At Polish 2 Shine Ltd. We offer a range of services from a quick valet to a full detail. Listed below is one of those services.

Polish 2 Shine Exterior
Detail Plus.
  • Citrus de-greaser sprayed to lower of vehicle.
  • Wheels sprayed using citrus wheel wash & cleaned using brushes.
  • Vehicle rinsed.
  • Ph neutral "Snow foam" & car shampoo applied.
  • Vehicle rinsed after 5-8 minutes.
  • Vehicle hand washed using car shampoo & 100% lambswool wash-mitt using the 2 bucket method.
  • Vehicle rinsed.

  • Clay-bar & detailing spray used to remove paintwork contamination.
  • Wheel arches cleaned.
  • Hand washed again & rinsed.
  • Sprayed with drying aid & dried using a waffle weave drying towel.
  • A machine polish to remove light paint defects.
  • Buff off polish.
  • All glass polished.
  • Apply polish to vehicle & allow to haze.
  • Buff off the polish.
  • Apply a sealant to vehicle & allow to haze .
  • Buff off sealant.
  • Apply 1 coat of wax & allow to haze.
  • Buff to a mirror finish.
  • Clean & polish all chrome plus exhaust.
  • Dress tyres & all exterior plastics & apply wheel wax.
  • Apply wheel arch dressing
  • Clean & wax boot & door shuts
  • Return to owner!
  • This service takes between 8-12hours, dependent on condition & size of vehicle. Hourly rate £25 inclusive of materials.

Please note :
Any major defects may lead to more work and so more time.
Extra wax can be added at £16